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Jan 1, 2016
Unbelievable Interest Rate –  1.99%  YES !!!!!

Unbelievable Interest Rate – 1.99% YES !!!!!

Veterinaryloans.com is very pleased to announce a special lending rate on commercial real estate loans available NOW through a participating Veterinaryloans.com member lender.  “We are always thrilled to have great options available for our borrowers, and this one is no exception” offered Caden Walsh, a Veterinaryloans.com customer service specialist.   Now thru March 31st, it’s possible to apply for a commercial real estate loan with a great rate, 1.99% (fixed rate first 12 months).  This special rate is also available for refinancing existing loans.  If your loan is 3.99% or higher you really need to look at this rate.  It’s easy! Just fill out the loan form on the website and we’ll get you in contact with your next best friend, Mr. 1.99% Lender.