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Mar 3, 2009


Imagine the following common veterinary loan scenario.  Dr. “Z’ is searching the Internet for funding for veterinarians.  He’s looking to open a new practice, and is worried about securing the money he needs to fund the start-up.  He calls the first lender who pops up in his search, and is reassured when the salesman says his request sounds promising.  Dr. “Z” completes a lengthy loan application, sends it off, and waits, and waits…and waits.  Months later, he finally hears that his application has been denied.

Don’t let the above veterinary loan scare happen to you.  Allow a trusted source to screen your lenders before they contact you, and know that the people you speak with actually understand the needs of a veterinarian.  Here at Veterinaryloans.com, we always attempt to match vets with industry-specific lenders first before delving deeper into our database.

Your patients are going to rate you based on the medical attention you give their pet(s).  Lenders are a judgmental bunch as well, at once accepting and denying applications seemingly on whim.  Avoid the hassle of re-doing your application over and over in your search to secure funding.  Store your information in our VetVault ™, and you’ll never have to complete another loan application again.

This is the new and improved way of finding loans for veterinarians.  We’re proud to make this process easy and secure.  We know that every day, we allow medical professionals like you the ability to continue helping others.