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Jul 7, 2016

Key factors that should be part of any construction loan

When you are making that big decision on a building construction, remodel or relocation project there are a few factors to be aware of.  First you’ll need financing, and not all financing is the same.  Experienced lenders commonly offer the following options.

  1. Up to 100% financing, and that includes everything from architect to cabinetry.  Even soft costs like permits can be part of the budget.
  2. Deferred payments during the draw period, and interest only payments for the period right after completion of the project to ease cashflow concerns.
  3. Competitive terms and rates that keep payments within your budget.
  4. Flexibility, fixed rates or variable, depending on your needs.
  5. Rate Locks.  Don’t let the interest rate change during your project.
  6. Site assistance including services like Demographic Analysis.
  7. Principal reduction programs and early payoff options.
  8. In-bank assistants to help guide you from start to finish: Planning thru Payoff.

Veterinaryloans.com works with lenders all over the US that offer these key features and more.  The challenge is being sure you talk to the right lender.  That’s why you should use veterinaryloans.com, one website, one form, and we do the bank door-knocking for you.