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Dec 12, 2011
3 Words Guaranteed To Grow Your Business Next Year

3 Words Guaranteed To Grow Your Business Next Year

By Scott Ginsberg

Next year is going to be the best ever for your business. But only if you enhance your company’s usage of the following three words: knowledge, reassurance and conversations.

1. Knowledge

The tendency is to hoard knowledge is a seductive one. It makes us harder to replace, enables greater leverage, increases promotability and gives us a competitive advantage. But a lot of the time, in those moments when we operate from a scarcity mentality, we act selfish with our knowledge. We avoid telling people what we know for fear of losing power. And then everybody loses. Like pushing a rock up hill with one eye over our shoulder, it’s not especially productive, it doesn’t contribute to the greater good and it rarely proves to be a worthwhile investment of time and effort. But thanks to the connective beauty of the Web—via blogs, social media, discussion boards, forums and other digital platforms—we’ve found a way to reverse the trajectory. With the click of button, we…. (read more).