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Why We Care

Veterinaryloans.com uses specialized software and management solutions to provide an online commercial lending marketplace for business loans, commercial mortgages loans, equipment lease financing and insurance services. Through a single application Veterinaryloans.com.

Veterinaryloans.com Mission Statement

At Veterinaryloans.com our mission is to provide borrowers with quick and seamless connectivity to lending sources and capital. Our success is based on our ability to empower borrowers and lenders by enhancing their financial relationships.

Core Values

The following core values are at the heart of everything Veterinaryloans.com does:

  • Customer Service – We believe in quality not simply completing a project. We strive to provide results that delight both lenders and borrowers.
  • Integrity – Promises are meant to be kept, not broken.
  • Success – We build dreams one client at a time – we know our success is measured by yours.
  • Excellence – No one sets the bar higher than we do, and that extends to our relationships with our clients, the industry and society.
  • At first I started with my local bank. After all, I’ve done business with them for a number of years. After 6 weeks of getting the run around and nearly dropping my project all together, I found Veterinaryloans.com. In less than 72 hours I had not one but three proposals from 3 different veterinary lenders that really know the industry and cared about my project. Thanks Veterinaryloans.com!

    Dr. A. Smith, California
  • It’s refreshing to see such a useful service being offered to borrowers and lenders alike. Veterinaryloans.com should be commended for their efforts!

    B. Davidson, ProCapital, Texas
  • I was very busy and swamped at work. I just couldn’t seem to find the time to search for, and follow up with as many lenders as I thought I needed to. In the end I settled for a loan that I don’t really think is very good. I sure wish Veterinaryloans.com would have been available. One website, simple, secure, easy. Duh! I am going to use their refinance service now.

    Dr. B. Manchester, Florida
  • I already have a veterinary loan for my practice, so I’m probably the odd ball here. I just wanted to get a commercial loan to expand my facility. Guess what? They can do that too.

    Dr. T. Thomes, Illinois
  • Thanks Veterinaryloans, you really helped me out a lot. You even called me back when I left messages, answered my emails and although it wasn’t your fault, offered to assist with our mixed up real estate closing. You guys rock!

    Mrs. T. Rolston, Virginia
  • Call me stupid or simple but gee, it seems too easy. I log in, put in a few things about my loan needs and Presto! loan offers come rolling in.

    J. Belknap, Washington
  • It’s easy, simple and secure. What more do you want to know?

    Dr. Bennett, Colorado

Matching Veterinarians with Lenders

Qualified lenders compete daily for a chance to fund start-ups, refinance veterinary practices and more!